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Gun Violence in America

By uniting communities of all mankind, we urgently respond to the echoes of tears bellowing from the souls of powerless survivors, constructing a foundation so resilient and so irrepressible publicly declaring and decreeing….


From My Heart to Yours

Terry Wright, Founder/CEO

Terry Wright, Founder/CEO

As you well know, the epidemic of gun violence is aggressively sweeping across the nation and innocent, often unintended victims and their families are forever affected at the hands of malicious, cowardly individuals.

 For this reason, I, along with Mr. Alexander C. Wynn, III, President of the National Funeral Directors and Mortician Association, Inc., is launching a movement; Don’t Take My Life… Let Me Live. The purpose and passion of this movement is to be a catalyst for Pastors, Community Activists, Law Enforcement, Elected Officials, Business Owners, etc. to unite as a reverberating, resounding organization with an unyielding, uncompromising commitment to take action against this epidemic of gun violence and other corruptions of hate and injustice.

 It is my prayer that you would consider connecting with us and others who have compassion and empathy for our youth as we build a national movement declaring and decreeing that….


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